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Где взять VIN-код?

ЗАПАСНЫЕЧАСТИ.РФ. We have all the spare parts you need!

ЗАПАСНЫЕЧАСТИ.РФis a young and promising company selling spare parts, accessories and technical fluids for cars of Japanese, European and Korean manufacturers. We have extensive experience not only in the field of sales of spare parts for foreign cars, but also in the field of service, plumbing and body repair. We can always answer your questions and give you the right advice.


Our goal is to help you acquire the best quality spare parts you need at competitive prices. And if you need locksmith or body repair - our car workshop is at your service.


Many times many of you faced the fact that the purchased parts did not fit your car or in the short term broke down. We work only with the original automotive catalogs, what gives a guarantee of compatibility, and having considerable experience, we will help you in choosing manufacturers of high-quality spare parts.

Our team is an ambitious team of engineers, graduates of the Moscow Automotive University.


You can buy auto parts in our office, located at: 89 Vernadsky Ave. lit. A. There are always supplies for maintenance, Mobil, Motul and Idemitsu oils, wiper blades, lamps. The full range of our store is more than 5,000,000 items in stock and on order.


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We work from 9:00 to 21:00 daily, seven days a week